Double dactyls

The rules of the double dactyl are set forth in the classic Jiggery Pokery, ed. Anthony Hecht and John Hollander, Atheneum, 1967. The meter should be obvious from the examples below. The first line is dactylic rhyming nonsense. The second line must be the name of a historic personage. The fourth and eighth lines must rhyme. And the fifth, sixth, or seventh lines must be entirely composed of a single, double-dactylic word. (This means that Teresa's double-dactyl, below, is not strictly legal.)
Cyberpunk humanist, 
Kim Stanley Robinson, 
Remaking history 
In Katmandu 

Finally concluded that, 
Modern SF is a 
Po-po-mo stew. 


Pocketa pocketa 
Judy-Lynn Benjamin 
Rebuilt the frontlist of 
Ballantine Books-- 

Paying respects to our 
Values, but betting on 
Eddings and Brooks. 


Prickly pear prickly pear 
Thomas Stearns Eliot 
Asked about Pound by a 
Friend at the bank, 

Answered, "I think him a 
Miglior fabbro but 
Rather a crank." 


Higglety pigglety 
Merriam-Webster, Inc. 
Fosters poor dunces in 
Usage absurd: 

Listing "antidises- 
Hack lexicographers! 
Infamous word!