Some older writing:

1975: a memoir,” by Patrick

An instructive tale, by Patrick; and another

Return,” by Patrick 

On Time,” by Teresa 

God and I,” by Teresa

Hell, 12 Feet,” by Teresa

Phantom Discourse,” by Teresa

An online scan of the 1986 issue of Lee Hoffman’s Science Fiction Five-Yearly, co-edited in that year by us and Stu Shiffman

Richard Brandt’s online version of Fanthology ’87, which reprints a chunk of Patrick and Teresa’s TAFF report and part of Teresa’s “Over Rough Terrain” 

The rest of our never-finished TAFF report, from the TAFF archive maintained by Dave Langford

TAFF in Thirteen Paragraphs,” our exegesis of the Fund, its practice and its ideals, from the same site 

Several double dactyls

The Man Who Melted Jack Dann,” an entirely frivolous game

Teresa answers everyone’s question about the American Civil War

Laws, Ballots, and Getting Drunk on Anger,” some remarks by Teresa written in the weeks during which the American election of 2000 was stolen

At Neil Gaiman’s request, Teresa answers questions about the getting of agents in a guest appearance on Neil’s blog

Remarks on Some Cliches I Have (By Definition) Known Too Well,” Teresa’s contribution to Subterranean Magazine #4, guest-edited by John Scalzi (link goes to an order form; the article isn’t yet available online)

Two pieces by Teresa about her narcolepsy: The Big Z, from Izzard in 1983; and The Trouble With Sleep, from the Observer in 2008

A man, a plan, a caret, a ban, a myriad, a sum, a lac, a liar, a hoop, a pint, a catalpa, a gas, an oil, a bird, a yell, a vat, a caw, a pax, a wag, a tax, a nay, a ram, a cap, a yam, a gay, a tsar, a wall, a car, a luger, a ward, a bin, a woman, a vassal, a wolf, a tuna, a nit, a pall, a fret, a watt, a bay, a daub, a tan, a cab, a datum, a gall, a hat, a fag, a zap, a say, a jaw, a lay, a wet, a gallop, a tug, a trot, a trap, a tram, a torr, a caper, a top, a tonk, a toll, a ball, a fair, a sax, a minim, a tenor, a bass, a passer, a capital, a rut, an amen, a ted, a cabal, a tang, a sun, an ass, a maw, a sag, a jam, a dam, a sub, a salt, an axon, a sail, an ad, a wadi, a radian, a room, a rood, a rip, a tad, a pariah, a revel, a reel, a reed, a pool, a plug, a pin, a peek, a parabola, a dog, a pat, a cud, a nu, a fan, a pal, a rum, a nod, an eta, a lag, an eel, a batik, a mug, a mot, a nap, a maxim, a mood, a leek, a grub, a gob, a gel, a drab, a citadel, a total, a cedar, a tap, a gag, a rat, a manor, a bar, a gal, a cola, a pap, a yaw, a tab, a raj, a gab, a nag, a pagan, a bag, a jar, a bat, a way, a papa, a local, a gar, a baron, a mat, a rag, a gap, a tar, a decal, a tot, a led, a tic, a bard, a leg, a bog, a burg, a keel, a doom, a mix, a map, an atom, a gum, a kit, a baleen, a gala, a ten, a don, a mural, a pan, a faun, a ducat, a pagoda, a lob, a rap, a keep, a nip, a gulp, a loop, a deer, a leer, a lever, a hair, a pad, a tapir, a door, a moor, an aid, a raid, a wad, an alias, an ox, an atlas, a bus, a madam, a jag, a saw, a mass, an anus, a gnat, a lab, a cadet, an em, a natural, a tip, a caress, a pass, a baronet, a minimax, a sari, a fall, a ballot, a knot, a pot, a rep, a carrot, a mart, a part, a tort, a gut, a poll, a gateway, a law, a jay, a sap, a zag, a fat, a hall, a gamut, a dab, a can, a tabu, a day, a batt, a waterfall, a patina, a nut, a flow, a lass, a van, a mow, a nib, a draw, a regular, a call, a war, a stay, a gam, a yap, a cam, a ray, an ax, a tag, a wax, a paw, a cat, a valley, a drib, a lion, a saga, a plat, a catnip, a pooh, a rail, a calamus, a dairyman, a bater, a canal — Panama!

Who wrote this astounding palindrome? Click here for the straight story by its author, Dan Hoey, kindly provided to us in email. (And when you’re done there, read this.)

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